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Con la diffusione di Internet, sono divenuti facilmente accessibili a chiunque contenuti sessualmente espliciti di varia natura e formato (testi, immagini, filmati).

Persone che mai si sarebbero altrimenti avvicinate a questo tipo di materiale, grazie all’anonimato garantito dal Web, possono ora “scaricare” materiale pornografico o intrattenersi con estranei in conversazioni (chat) erotiche, comodamente da casa propria.

They do it in an immersive, 3D environment created by the community.

We have a big vision to create the world’s ultimate social platform for play,” says David Baszucki, CEO of the San Mateo, California-based company.—think shooters, fighting games, and role-playing games.

Con tante videocamere XXX diverse tra le quali scegliere, ti sarà facile trovare il tipo di persona che stai cercando.

We allow users to do anything they could do in real life with their bodies," Utherverse's CEO and founder Brian Shuster told IBTimes UK."We decided that in the virtual world, everything should be as consequence-free as possible, so we programmed a button in that you could press to get rid of the hangover from smoking pot, when you're tired of the effect."Shuster is well known on the web as the "Prince of Pop-Ups" – he helped to monetise the internet in the 1990s by inventing banner and pop-up ads.Sostituire gradualmente il rapporto interpersonale mediato dal web con relazioni reali consentirà al soggetto di ritrovare una dimensione di vita “concreta” ed appagante.“Every month 48 million kids from around the world come to play and create and imagine.Ever wished you could take a vacation from real life to a place where you are always beautiful, young, rich, successful and having a great time?Over 50 million people in the world are doing this right now, in a corner of the web known as Utherverse.