Updating 2016 mini cooper gps

After parts of the vehicle software have been updated, MINI offers the option for recently tested Bluetooth or USB devices to be used in the vehicle. To do so, all you need is a standard USB device with sufficient memory capacity.

Of course, your MINI Service Partner will also have a USB device in stock for you to purchase.

Hi All, Just to let you know that I have used this service offered by Mini Nav Pro as it seemed too good not to.

Bit hesitant using Pay Pal to purchase, but everything was very easy from the initial communication through to being sent the email with links for the Maps and informing me of the required Key to enter on the MINI Nav Screen when prompted. It came with the navigation and I am far from impressed. I have heard that the navigation in the 2016s is much better.

Every effort is made to (a) ensure our maps reflect the changes in the road network and (b) to address map errors in the regular map update program.

However, at any point in time Navigation Australia cannot guarantee that (a) our digital maps are a 100% reflection of the Australian road network, or (b) that we will be able to address map error requests within consecutive map update releases.

A map update refreshes the data in your vehicle's navigation system.

New and modified roads, speed limits, signage, points of interest, and more are added in order to improve routing accuracy.

Payment was through paypal and I received the code along with a link to the maps in less than 10 min. Definitely recommend this over any dealership option.Just a general observation (as a Software Engineer)-- Be very careful about updating your MINI in this fashion.I never install the latest update for any of my devices, unless there's a security issue.I will be depending on you when its time to update again, thanks Mini Nav Pro.Just had my maps updated on my Mini R58 to the 2016 maps through Mini Nav Pro.