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Here are thirteen cars that have earned a reputation for scaring the stuffing out of their drivers.The little French 2CV ("deux cheveaux" -- literally "two horses") was designed so that a farmer could drive a load of eggs across a plowed field and not break a single one. So, from a mechanic's point of view, what makes a "good" or "bad" customer? You can now save your relationship thanks to dual climate controls. A person with feeling and emotions — even if they're generally expressed as grunts. Many of those memories, though, include overheating engines, circling vultures and expensive stays at bed-lice-ridden motels in two-bit towns — moments most of us would have preferred to avoid. So we're sure you won't recognize yourself in any of the items in our list. The technological innovations just keep on coming: Electronic stability control, a life-saving innovation, is now making its way into cheaper and cheaper cars. What would we like to see in every car, if we could have our way? These are the cars that cause us to mumble under our breath when they drive by.

Interestingly, cars from the 1980s are going to be strong, and even cars from the early 2000s are starting to show value as future classic cars. They came through and were even kind enough to tell us for whom exactly the cars are scary. From making fewer short trips to finding a mechanic you can trust, here is an overflowing handful of tips. Around the Halloween season, we asked Tom and Ray to give us their Top 10 scariest cars.Only offered outside Japan, the Brat's name was derived from an acronym meaning "Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transport" - except in Australia, where it was inexplicably known as the Subaru Brumby.While its mere existence is slightly spooky, the Brat's scariest feature was also its most unique: rear facing jump seats mounted in the bed which were completely exposed to the elements and offered little protection in the event of a collision.2.