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In November 2014 Sweden took a stand in denouncing the movie industry’s woeful record in gender inequality by officially embracing the Bechdel Test.

Four Swedish cinemas and the Scandinavian TV channel Viasat Film incorporated it into some of their ratings – a move championed by the Swedish Film Institute.

Many WSW had their first sexual experience with a man, have had multiple experiences with men, or still have sex with men.1 HIV transmission a risk between women through fingering/fisting, oral sex and sharing sex toys.2 3 The risk is lower than sex involving a man because less bodily fluids are exchanged between women.

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Which movie did you see last, and did it pass the Bechdel Test? They’ve all got one thing in common: they all fail the Bechdel Test, cinema’s own feminism-o-meter."When people vote for the president, they think that's important. This is the most unusual election I have ever, ever seen. Comey, from the Justice Department—[people] warned him. You'd think that people would shy away from people like Hitler and Mussolini. Je ne m'attendais pas à rencontrer une personne aussi adorable.”Tour Bar vérifie très attentivement ses utilisateurs, nous sommes en mesure de vous fournir une expérience plus sûr sur notre site de rencontre.Ayez confiance quand vous choisissez un partenaire ou chercher à entrer en relation avec quelqu'un.