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Some members of the fellowship have expressed an interest in using Skype to establish ‘virtual’ meetings to support people unable to attend meetings in person due to distance or other commitments.

INSTALLATION Skype is available as a free software download.

For those with an existing Skype account, your current profile details may disclose more than you would be comfortable with being viewable to other fellowship members.

Popular platform and mobile device installers can be downloaded here: Skype Installers ACCOUNT SET-UP CONSIDERATIONS You will need to set up a user name for your Skype account.

Skype requests a valid e-mail address, but you are never sent any unsolicited mail.

Up to nine people can partake in a conference call using the latest Mac version 2.7 or PC version 3.6.

Apparently, Skype for Linux is capable of 25 users on a conference call.

Skype names for sex chat