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The White House estimate[d] that aspect of the program, which would cost million, would help fund the purchase of 50,000 body-worn cameras.” The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) also repeatedly voiced its support for widespread adoption of this new technology, heralding body cameras as “a win-win” as long as civilian privacy remained properly protected.exemplifies the human tendency, in times of tragedy, to latch on to the most readily available solution to a complex problem. This lack of accountability occurred despite the deadly use of a chokehold, Goodman & Baker, . 7, 2014, PM), [ (discussing the chokehold ban, but adding that the department has still received over 1000 allegations of chokeholds between 20).Amid tense police-community relations, the Obama administration began a program Friday to assess the effectiveness of having officers wear body cameras that can record interactions with the public.

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It can enable a biometric enrolment application to automate the facial image capture process and also ensure that enrolled images comply with ISO standards or backend processing system and are of sufficient quality to perform biometric matching.

It is designed to greatly simplify the task of integrating a facial image camera into a photo capture application.

Camera API provides a method by which to support many different cameras within a single application; program once, and use many.

Following capture, Pre Face performs a thorough image analysis, which reports image geometry and non-compliant features.

Scaling, rotation, and cropping of the image is performed to meet highly configurable targets and thresholds.