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I would often watch her smudge on the line before we headed out to Toys “R” Us or the Fashion Bug, and she’d look at me as if to say, “Set? ” I was too shy to ask whether I could draw it myself, although despite being a small child, I felt deeply that I could improve the overall look and tone.

In eighth grade, around the time I’d discovered what my goal weight should be in magazine, I decided to put my imagined eyebrow skills to the test.

So it was a matter of writing all of those down and creating the story.

Lena, your mother famously starred in your film and now you’re playing a role in hers.

I didn’t have the dramatic forties arches of my mother, or the full Brooke Shields beauty bombs of my little sister, then seven and already being indoctrinated by our parents to appreciate her unibrow (even when her peers did not).

Mine were thin and pale, roughly the color of roadkill, with random hairs sprouting where they might, creating the effect of a sparse forehead rug.

, the HBO series created by Lena Dunham, which just scooped up the Golden Globe for Best TV Series in time for the start of its second season.

In a show of unity as a member of Vermont's delegation, Bernie Sanders moved that "Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States."• Many speakers celebrated the history making fact of a woman nominee, and Hillary Clinton appeared at the end of the night via video to say to little girls, "I may be the first woman president.In real life, her work is hanging in the show alongside her husband’s.But this is fiction and she runs into a former student, Meryl, played by Lena Dunham in perfect humble brag. She escapes the city for the summer for some much-needed inspiration, taking over a famous friend’s home upstate.If I’m looking into the camera, which makes me look kind of normal, I can’t see you.But if I look at you, I look like I’m not looking at you. We need the technology of a camera in the center of the screen, but invisible. You write something that looks like an epic poem and it’s actually notes on a cut.