Friend dating my ex etiquette are chris brown and keri hilson dating

Ending a long-term relationship is a sticky situation. You might witness the birth of nieces and nephews that you love like your own.

When you're a couple, you share things -- and people.

Most of these you already know as they are common sense items that people know from as far back as middle school.

Does it mean you have to give them the stink eye across the room at a restaurant? Does it mean you have to ignore them if you run into them at the supermarket? But you both need to move on, and you each need the support of your own friends and family to do it. "Guy code" dictates that men remain fiercely loyal to their friends, and place those friendships above anything else after a breakup. Though it may seem more innocent, this setup is just as tricky. You know, the one about men and women and “just friends.” For the sake of this post, let’s all agree, just for a moment, that the answer is yes: Men and women can be friends.(If you strongly disagree please elaborate below, or comment on the original post.) Okay. So let’s say you have a group of great guy friends. Yes, I know how that sounds——but I’m no liar.) What do you do?Even if the breakup itself was fairly drama-free, trying to share friends after the fact can create drama, and most men would rather avoid this altogether. Here are 3 rules to follow to ensure that you don't cross the line by maintaining your mutual friends: Rule 1: Observe the 6-month rule.Relationship expert and dating coach Lauren Frances suggests you stick to a 6-month buffer zone after the breakup where you avoid hanging out with your ex's friends and their significant others.