Dating new years eve

New Year’s Eve is a night for saying goodbye to the previous year and welcoming in a new one.

Which should be a lovely moment for reflecting on the last twelve months and having a delightfully celebratory time. And that pressure is especially awful when you’re single, surrounded by couples, and are at a party when you’d rather be under a blanket at home. Please excuse me for seventeen minutes, I need to do three circles around this venue to figure out which people here are attractive, and which are just distracting me with good facial hair and a nice shirt.

Known her about 6 months, but only started to really get to know her this month...recently left her husband after 23 years of marriage.

He treated her like garbage, particulary in the end.

This is a real struggle, because you will need to excuse yourself to throw up for the next few hours. …And getting rejected as they lick their boyfriend. And you’re thinking about what you’ve learned, and your hopes for the New Year, and it’s just all a bit much. Can I not just retreat to my bed to eat Mc Donald’s and drunkenly weep over my life choices?

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The key here is that you don’t need to do all of these — and continue to use them all.

I, unfortunately, don't have any plans, at least with someone (I just moved to my area in Feb of this soon to be done year). While we may hang out 12/30 (again may, she has her son, though), she asked me what I was doing for 12/31 again.

I said nothing, in a way (there is somewhere I can go, but I'd much rather do something with someone I know).

We've hit it off great, 2 great dates with a feeling of mutual like, but she's skiddish though.

I talked about NYE with her last week on a date and she said she was planning to go to this party, but alone.