Dating bear recurve

Views from below, in front, or any other perspective other than "in profile" will not provide for accurate judgement.Some rams may not be legal even if they are old or have horns severely broomed or with turned up tips.It's hard to believe that Black Widow is at the 60 year mark.Thanks to the hard work of the Wilson Brothers, who started the company in 1957, Ken Beck and the current Widow Workers we have reached a goal that we are very proud of.

Moose Cow - large, long nose and face; eyes appear close to top of head; rectangular body proportions; 1.8 m (6 ft.) high at the shoulders; may be found alone.

Bisch Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk Pro2 blade, fixed, broadheads that come razor sharp or that you are competent at sharpening.

Something with close to a 3:1 blade angle (avoid steep angled razor blade heads).

Gonna shoot a recurve this year, first time I've really dedicated myself to the traditional side of things.

What broadheads do y'all like out of 45 pound bows?