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Made by the Coca-Cola Company, The beverage is "marketed to consumers who want to keep 'tabs' on their weight." The hourglass design glasses were also a marketing tool for the soda, to remind you - it would help give you the "hourglass" figure. if you want more than one, just click BUY and back out of shopping cart & click BUY again.

They used a IBM 1401 computer to come up with a name for it!

Nice early Wood and cardboard litho 'Swingin Pendulum Game.' Roll the ball and it swings up to pop the ball out on top.

And a new definition of the expression "corporate greed" was found. Discover the roots of today´s Internet and mobile devices. Learn about computer history´s game-changers in our multimedia exhibitions. Listen to computer pioneers tell their story from their own perspective.During the last couple of days I built the small analog computer designed by Dr.Vogel and documented my progress with quite some pictures and some remarks concerning necessary changes which were necessary since I could not get hold of some special parts. This oscilloscope was especially designed to be used in conjunction with TELEFUNKEN's transistorized analog computers.